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Party Apocalypse: Retired biker, Marshal Bailey, was looking for redemption from a self-ruined past. After serving a prison sentence, he found his calling as a children’s entertainer. As a birthday clown, he enjoyed moderate success and was slowly piecing his life together, until a zombie outbreak struck the city.
After getting bit by a girl at a coffee shop, and disfigured in a horrible motorcycle accident, he awakes to discover that not only is he dead, he has somehow retained the ability to think. A doctor informs him that he may hold the antidote for the undead epidemic. While trying to escape the city being contained by a mysterious militant force, he rescues a girl that reminds him of his long deceased daughter.
Joining ranks with a loose-knit group of survivors from conflicting social and ideological backgrounds — including a psychic, a conspiracy theorist, and a few prostitutes— he must find a way out of the city; if not for the sake of the girl in his custody, to provide a cure for a world gone awry. At the same time, he finds that his conscious mind is deteriorating as the virus slowly transforms him into a flesh-craving cannibal. Will he make it out before he turns?
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Party Apocalypse: Ronnie’s Candy CabaretThe world had gone to hell, zombies were stalking the streets, and all Ronnie wanted to do was to keep his gentlemen’s club in order while having a good time. Was that too much to ask? After accumulating a fair share of the city’s drugs and alcohol then barricading the door, life inside the club seemed relatively stable for a while. That was before some of the survivors participated in a dangerous prank that exposed them all to danger. 
The situation quickly spirals out of control and Ronnie is left to stop the infection from spreading through the building while trying to cope with a veteran struggling with PTSD. Will the survivors be able to put the club in order again? Or will their carelessness lead them to the same fate that has ravaged the city? 

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