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In expectation of the soon-to-be-released “Precursor,” the following content and concept art describes the Darillia, a major part of the Twixtaverse Canon.

They’ve been watching us for thousands of years, since the time our distant ancestors screeched their way out through the muck and slime. This demon race is rumored to be the offspring of Sistus Ael, a goddess of genocide, but there is insufficient evidence. They were created to be weapons, intended to upset the political and administrative power surrounding the gods. Their total population is said to exceed 3 Billion.

Their Capture and Exile
After devastating the populous of a second thriving world, the Laprencia Guardians banished them to a place they could not reasonably escape. The Darillia were sealed along the Braid of Exile, a place where no vegetation grows.

There, as a natural phenomenon, tiny windows into other worlds emerge in the sky. They appear like ghostly panes of glass, fading in and out of existence. The Darillia originally believed the windows were created by the Guardians as a means to taunt them, but later discovered that was not the case. A friction between dimensions creates the windows and most of the species they see on the other side can’t see them.

Darillian Soldier

Sian Sih, the Prime Minister of the Darillia, managed to find a way to manipulate the windows using ancient magic. They know how to move them, extend them, even how to make them to provide a view of a desired otherworldly location. They have since used these windows to spy to into other realms, collecting the information they require to plot their invasions. Sian Sih believes he knows of a way to pull an outside being into their realm, but they are still devising a proper method to escape their own.

Their Faith
The Darillia are bound by a religion that claims their race is superior to all others and the domination of all worlds is their birthright. They participate in a different rituals and enactments visualizing their enslavement of “all that breathes and feels.” When they’re not participating in these rites, they are creating crude weaponry, performing their culling tournaments, and creating military strategies for when they finally have access to other planets.

Their Diet and Reproduction
The Darillia have the ability to regrow severed limbs and body parts, and reproduce asexually. During post-pubescence (a stage that few survive long enough to see), they grow a second head, which gradually divides from their first on a second neck. Then the parasitic twin will slowly develop its organs and skeletal system. When the second twin has grown large enough, they will usually use tools to saw the bodies in half. It takes only weeks for them to heal into two separate, functional bodies. After a body has split, the community decides what its role will be. Depending on whether they want it as a soldier or a scholar, it will be sent to live in its caste. Their average lifespan is over 300 years.

The soldiers get fed more than the others and are given harsher training. The scholars and planners are sent into the care of the ministers for testing. Under the educational auspices of Prime Minister Sian Sih, young Darillians are educated in the enslavement of other worlds and how they must strategize militarily if they ever hope to overthrow the filthy masses. The governors and royal family are also fed increased portions. As a result, their line is the largest of their race, towering over the others with booming footsteps as they walk.

Culling Tournament

Very rarely, a Femic is born, which bears a strong resemblance to a female. Their upper body has reduced strength, slight breasts, and delicate legs. The Femics are worshipped among the species and will always be defended. Queen Qas Turilya, with her wilted breasts, is looked upon as a source of sacredness and pride among them. King Pode Turilya was so fortunate to have spawned her from his body, and bestowed her right to rule as soon as she was fit. Minister Sih preaches that the coming of a Femic ruler indicates their divine right to destroy and recreate the universe.

The “food” is the meat of the fallen. Because of the inability to harvest plant life, their only source of sustenance is each other. During their culling tournaments, the soldiers fight and slay the weakest. Because of their natural physiology, they are rather difficult to kill, but decapitation is considered the surest method of slaughter. The weakest are dismembered and used as food, their blood drained and filtered for drinking. Though it is shameful to be slaughtered, it is at the same time considered a dignified purpose to provide sustenance for their brothers.

Hoadley the Traitor
King Pode Turilya’s first spawn, Prince Hoadley, was given a chance by a god with a small group of other Darillia to invade a world of their choice. The group came to Earth through a portal in Tibet. When the group started murdering the natives, Hoadley made them desist, as he felt they should spawn first to increase their number; lest they were discovered too soon.
The others in the group became mutinous and plotted to eliminate Hoadley so they could continue in their campaign of slaughter. When they tried to murder him in his sleep, he awoke and killed the rest of them. After deciding to wait until he could spawn another, he started to get very hungry. He murdered and ate a few people in isolated places and hid in some ruins.
After finding an offering of food waiting for him after he woke from his sleep, he tried some earth food. It was not meat, but he liked it. He stayed awake one night to meet the person who was bringing him tidings. It was a little girl from a local village. It was her father who he’d slain and she wanted to bring the monster food to prevent him from harming anyone else. Sometimes she left fruit, occasionally a live sheep.

Hoadley followed the girl back one day and she brought him before the elders of the village. Though they could not communicate, they all agreed that he should be kept in hiding. He was given sanctuary in the basement of a monastery. There he was taught the ways of the Buddha and decided he should not spawn after all.

Darillian Soldier

He remains in the temple to this day, dedicated to the art of mindfulness. He knows that his brethren on the Braid of Exile are disappointed that he no longer acts on extreme bloodlust. His father, King Pode, disavowed him, calling him a disgrace. They now refer to him as Hoadley, the Traitor. Though it is only through meditation Hoadley has managed to fend off his violent nature, he is an inspiration to those that know of his species. They believe that if he was rehabilitated, perhaps the rest of the Darillia can also be pacified.

The Others
The Darillia share the Braid of Exile with some other banished alien races. There are the Sightless Ones, massive beasts with bodies like sea turtles. They have an eyeless, skull-like face at the end of a thick, extended neck. They were considered an abomination, offspring of Parsikka, the walking corpse god. The Sightless Ones were once weaponized by the Darillia during a planetary invasion, and managed to consume hundreds of thousands of lives. One they start to feed, their appetite is never sated.

There are also the Pearl Nymphs, who bear a striking resemblance to human women, save for their giant insect wings and claws. They are capable of inducing hypnotic trances on their prey and ripping them to shreds in a matter of seconds. They eat almost all creatures, save for other demon races.

All of the creatures along the Braid of Exile have a mutual alliance. They were all sealed in by the Laprencia Guardians, who have little tolerance for creatures created for the purpose of destroying the indigenous races of other worlds.

The Pact
The Darillia are receiving outside help, but from an unnamed outside source that says it wishes to grant them liberation. This mysterious outsider has helped them make a pact with the spirits of the underworld, in particular, the Khalanori Jesters. These mischievous spirits have agreed to work with the Darillia as their covert agents. The Five-headed God of genocide, Yindroch, is rumored to be accepting their blood rituals in exchange for transportation between worlds. The ancient God calls for the death of indigenous innocents. If Yindroch succeeds in getting the power he requires, it will have devastating effects through the galaxies as the Darillia launch their interdimensional invasions of the worlds beyond.

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